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A Note on Per Capita Income in Arkansas MSAs

Yesterday’s personal income report for metropolitan areas did not include the usual calculations for per capita income.  Although population figures from the 2010 Census are available for metropolitan statistical areas, the statistics for 2009 have not yet been reconciled with the new Census data (the available 2009 numbers are extrapolated from the 2000 Census).

Although we cannot yet make comparisons over time, it is possible to calculate levels of per capita income using the 2010 data.  The calculations are shown in the table below: 

Sources:  Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Sources: Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis

 The highest per capita income levels are in the Little Rock MSA (1.9% below the national average) and the lowest are in Pine Bluff (23.3% below the national average).  Note that the national per capita income level used in the table ($39,901) is for all of the United States, not just the metropolitan portion of the country.  Per capita income for the metro areas of the U.S. is somewhat higher:  $42,254.

Updated Aug 10, 2001 @ 4:16 PM — Corrected figures for U.S. per capita income.